The Last Word


Man...Why is it that everytime I'm about to fly somewhere I end up w/ a morbid comic about airplanes and my persistent fear of riding them?  (Like this other one.)  I guess that's what happens when you base your comic off of real life.  Anyway.  Speaking of morbid, consider for a bit what future generations would think about the words that we leave on this here internet in 2180.  Someday, I'm going to look back at what I wrote in this website and I'll cringe or maybe throw up a little.  In fact, yup, I'm doing a little of that right now.

Hey!  I haven't been in town for a while, and check it, I might go see The Ergs so come say hello!  "I hella haven't seen you in a long time, holmes" is probably what I'll end up saying; it'll be great catching up!  But eventually we'll arrive at that awkward silence phase where we'll wish for a smooth escape, the way bus passengers opt to look at the scenery or fall asleep.  But no.  We'll just be there, standing there, staring at each other, until, yes, we slowly approach, look deeply into each other's eyes, our mandibles slowly loosening, longing for...whoa, whoa, wait, let's just be friends, ok?

Attributions:  The background cemetery pic in panel 4 was taken by Ahron de Leeuw.  Thanks man!  As for the other three panels, I took 'em.  Lastly, I couldn't find any of The Ergs! T-shirts online, so I made up a generic black Whoa Oh records T-shirt instead.  I hope you don't mind, Mr. Jonnie Whoa Oh!

-George Ryan