The Consequence of Clapping


There's this one movie theater in Willowbrook (up in North Houston) that I hate, hate, HATE going to; it's always crowded, it's smelly, and it's almost a guarantee that a baby will cry.  But I always go there just to witness everyone clap in unison when the movie ends.  It's insane!  Imagine:  a bunch of people clapping at a projector screen!  It totally threw me off the first time I witnessed it, and I assumed that it's just an aberration.  But no, it happens EVERYTIME.  I highly recommend you check out this feat of mass hysteria yourself; it's like church but not as religion-y.

Attribution:  tons of thanks to all the cool people at flickr -- you guys always make my comic hella less drab!  This time, the background pics for panels 2, 3 and 4 were taken by Maggie, J Blaine and Martin Terber, respectively.  I really liked Martin Terber's shot; I make special mention of it (normally I don't) because the way I do the comic is:  I first draw the comic and then start searching for pictures to match it.  So, finding a perfect shot is almost always a freak accident.  ANYWAY, thanks again!  Also, I've recently completed collecting most (if not all) of Minus the Bear's albums, so I figured it's high time that I rip off showcase their shirt designs in the comic.  Lastly, the screen shot in panel 1 was the last image ever hosted on thegia.com.  Someone please bring that website back to life!

-George Ryan