Emotion Engine


[3/16 Update]:  Order has apparently been restored!  I don't know exactly what caused yesterday's problems since the problem occurs intermittently, but I suspect that there were too many connections being opened and not closed.  BAD BAD BAD!  Anyway, onward with yesterday's post!

There's an OK news article over at Wired News today about Koji Kondo, the dude guy DEMI-GOD who composed the theme song for Super Mario Bros.  Guys, I totally confess!  I didn't really know who composed that theme until now!  And I call myself a VG music fan!  My excuse is that I didn't keep track of video game composer dudes until I started playing Final Fantasy 6j.

ANYWAY.  About the comic.  I was watching a scene in Good Will Hunting one night where the main guy asked the therapist about finding the RIGHT one and the therapist then proceeded to answer with a story about a Red Sox game and love-at-first-sight and how you just "know" it and he pretty much answered it in a very unscientific way.  I came away feeling kinda jilted.  Incidentally, I started reading A People's History Of The United States by Howard Zinn, which was mentioned in the movie, and I find out days later that the main guy -- the actor/screenwriter, not the character -- actually lived next door to Howard Zinn when he was a kid.  Previously thinking it was a heartfelt recommendation for a book, now I feel like I was lied to by the entire move.  But then I remembered it was all fiction and I calmed down.

Firefox users!  I highly recommend you download the Popup ALT Attributes extension, which fixes a bug in Firefox that prevents you from reading┬áthe entire, multi-row alt text of an image and/or link.  You don't have to -- no one's forcing you to -- but I do believe you'll get a lot more of the "hidden" funnies this way.

Lastly, of course, some attributions are in order:  the background pics in panels 1, 2, 3, and 4 were taken by pikkus, Zach Klein, Patrick Denker, and elle_rigby of flickr, respectively.  Flickr is totally awesome!  It allows me to easily search for images with the CC Attribution License.  Sexy!  Also, I like Mates of State and Dr. Frank (of MTX).  (I should read his blog; I always learn a new word whenever I hear a new MTX song.)

-George Ryan