Ward Off the Suck


Today's comic is sort of a follow up to a previous comic about musicians and their insatiable need for compliments.  Let's face it, artists -- especially musicians -- love getting the mad props.  Props are like their energy pellets if musicians were Pac-Men.  Or energons if they were Transformers.  Or mushrooms if they were Super Marios.  Or E-tanks if they were Megamen.  Man, I miss playing video games.  Forget this blog post noise, I'm playing Final Fantasy.

Speaking of compliments, some attributions are in order:  the background pics in panels 1 and 4 were taken by sumiisan and OiMax of flickr, respectively.  Background pics in panels 2 and 3 were taken by yours truly!  Mad, self-congratulatory props to ME!  BWAHAHA!  Also, I like The Unlovables!

-George Ryan