An Open Letter


First things first, some attribution:  the background pic in panel 4 was taken from mtl2tky of flickr.  The poster in panel 3 was taken from The Pleasure Is Back.  Lastly, the T-shirt designs were taken from Sonic Youth and Karmella's Game.  Big ups to those bands for their music and for refraining from calling their laywers.

Speaking of flickr, I've recently switched to it as my favorite photo management and sharing service.  Here's my photoblog as it stands.  I used to host my photoblog via textamerica, but that ended when they no longer allowed free accounts.  As it were, I had to quickly revamp my Ambilight algorithm and that's without using the flickr API.  (One day, when I up-convert this site to either php or ASP.NET, then definitely I'll use the API.)  I'm neither going to write about how I did it nor recommend it:  the revamped version is an even worse hack than before.

Anyway.  The scenario in the comic happened after playing a show about two years ago when I was a keyboardist for Heist at Hand.  I wonder how they're doing these days?  I wonder also, if I've followed a different path -- different choices made, different priorities set -- how different would my situation have been?


-George Ryan