Unlucky Query


So, ho-kay, the joke in the comic isn't exactly the most obvious, but I still think it can stand by itself without further explanation.  However, because I'm such a _nice_ person, I'm going to give you a hint:  the joke centers around an idiom involving "chimeras" and the act of "chasing" them.  Knowing this idiom will make complete sense out of why I decided that a Chase Bank lobby would be the perfect setting.  Oh crap, did I just explain the entire joke?  No?  Whew.  OK.  GOOD.

Incidentally, I've searched for that idiom in the Internet and found no satisfactory explanation.  (Hell, not even wikipedia).  I do know of one article that uses the term to describe the act of searching for true happiness and I _do_ believe I've just linked it so that you'd know that I'm not a liar.

So, having already explained the entire comic very unintentionally, I have to admit that I focused more on the drawings this time around.  Perhaps next time it will be different?  Speaking of next time, it looks like I might be able to keep up a regular comic update schedule after all:  based on the last 3 comics, it would have to be monthly.

-George Ryan