First, I wish an advanced happy birthday to my sister (that's her on panel 4) who annually tries in vain to catch up to my age.  She'll never get closer to the lead I've established the year before she was born.  How do you like that, sis?

So, ho-kay, about the comic.  Lately, I've been concerned with health issues:  specifically, musicians and their tendency to disregard seemingly small things like repetitive strain injury.  Guys, I heartily admit:  I'm that way too!  I used to think it was boring, but then I started aching around the neck and wrist, so I began to take heed.  There's a┬ásymposium later this month at Rice University concerning medical problems that affect performing musicians.  (There's a piano performance in there too!)  If you happen to be in Houston and are a hypochondriac like me, this event might interest you.

Attributions:  the background pics in panels 1, 2, 3, and 4 were taken by NikiSublime, Axel Tregoning, theopie, and Josh Petersen of flickr, respectively.

Happy April Fools'!

-George Ryan