The Summit


Sometimes I think, after reaching a goal, then what?  It's kinda scary, knowing that some things you've done in the past can't be undone, and henceforth there has to be something else.  I used to tremble at the thought of this, and then proceed to go back and redo it.

Kick the boulder right back down the mountain.

Looking back now, I understand why.  The routine tends to be comfortable, steady, and safe.  And, it can also be a prison.  To that I say, "Nahh."

The trick is to know inherently that there's more than one mountain to climb.

So to say that releasing the CD (as an example) is the end of all things MPK is a bit premature.  But if you ask me what's next, well...  I can't say.  But that's not to say that I haven't thought of it.

One thing I'm sure about is that it's gonna be hella interesting finding out what we can do next.

P.S.  As mentioned previously, my connection is screwy currently.  I suspect an April Fool's joke was dispatched towards my Interweb gateway.

-George Ryan