One morning in late July


First, thanks to everyone who came out to the Artwalk Gainesville this past Friday; it's always nice to see familiar faces in familiar places.

This comic is part one in a miniseries of comics I've written for a summer class at The Sequential Artists Workshop.  We had to do like an 8-page comic for the final project which I'm still revising here and there.  I've never split this webcomic into multiple parts before and I figured it was a good challenge for the class.  Anyway, I'm trying something new over here, so I guess hold on to your butts?!

Overall, I had a positive experience in the class.  Big thanks to Ellie who invited me and all of us classmates to her studio for the artwalk!

Hey speaking of art walks, I'm going over to Astor Geek Fest this Saturday, Aug 6 from 10am to 4pm in Astor, Fla. to promote this here webcomic and to give away some things!  This is also a $FREE event, so come and say hola, why doncha?  Here's the facebook event with the address and stuff.

Attributions:  Kudos to Michael Dorausch, edward musiak, and c avery from flickr.  The background pics in panels 1 and 3 came from the same picture and I finally learned how to use the 3D option in Photoshop to achieve the effect.

-George Ryan