Select Start tryout


Other lines I've considered:  I don't need no meat products, I'm a PUNK ROCKER!  I don't need no sex, I'm a PUNK ROCKER!  Wait.

Attributions:  all the background pics were taken by me this time, and thanks to Select Start for letting me use their images in the comic without all of their permissions.  (Permission?  I don't need no permission, I'm a PUNK ROCKER!)  I've been mentioning those guys so much lately, this is probably the last time in a long time I'll do that again; unless, of course, they ever let me try out for them.  I'm thinking I could sing or play guitar/piano, but then I thought maybe I could be a conductor!  That would be either super duper cool or super duper dumb 64.

Guys!  Speaking of video game music, check out this awesome video game halftime show put on by the Cal band, aka. my new favorite school band:

-George Ryan