Hokey Pokey


So here's the deal.  Ever since I moved back to FL (a month ago), I've been doing a lot of catching up with people, which is cool coz I haven't seen you all since forever.  Of course, the consequence of this is that my regular routine became all screwy.  And worse yet, the way things are going, it looks like the new job is going to take up most of my time.  I mean, we already had sprints, man!

What this means is that I cannot update the comic during the weekdays, so what I'm going to do is to keep the same update schedule (every 15th), except that I'll update on the following Monday if the 15th happens to fall on a weekday.  As a webcomic, having an erratic update schedule is bad, but in truth, the webcomic became less important ever since I've moved back.

But then again, I've been doing waay too many touristy things and I'm taking a break from that.  I got things to do and people to ignore, er I mean, insult, er I mean, be really nice to.

Speaking of people, hey man, are you in facebook?  If so, and you already know my phone number, feel free to add me.  I'm going to poke everyone after this just to see what happens.  (Read:  hey man, please don't put me on your Enemies list!)

Attributions:  the background pic in panel 4 was taken by Brad.  The other was taken by me!  Since I was in Jax a coupla' weeks ago, I threw in a Yellowcard shirt in there (they are from Jax, I think).  Plus I recently got some Jimmy Eat World CDs from lala.com so I threw them in there as well.  The fact that the guy and the girl ended up with blue and pink shirts happened completely by accident I SWEAR.

-George Ryan