At the movies


Today's comic is dedicated to all the ladies I know out there.  Oh yes!  I express my scrumptious love to all of you, all at the same time (if you know what I mean, hubba hubba).

Anyway, ladies -- all creepiness aside -- I specifically dedicate this comic to three:  (1) a long lost one with whom I've recently reconciled, (2) one who just had a really crappy weekend and I wanted to make her smile, and (3) someone who I think is really really hott.

(Did I just unwittingly confess my love to a friend?  Fuuuuuuuck!  I'm in the 'friends jar' forever!!)

In comic news, you may have noticed that all comics are now searchable.  And you play a part in it!  I'm quite impressed with how easy it was to get my comic integrated with OhNoRobot:  a couple of lines of javascript was all I had to add.

As a developer of in-house applications, I oftentimes envy web app developers for the instant props that they get from internet users.  The fans treat cool web apps like godsend and, in the process, transitively extol their makers.  From that sense, I view their work -- their life -- as more glamorous.

-George Ryan